One Step Animated Banner Tutorial

There are several video tutorials available for making different kinds of banners and buttons.  Click on the video for step by step instructions. If you don't see a tutorial for a banner you would like to make, please let us know.

The first tutorial is for creating a one-step animated banner.

Here is the one step animated banner ad that was created in the tutorial.

Slide Show Animated Banner Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a slide show animated banner. A slide show animation combines two or more static banners and animates the transition between the static banners. It is very easy to do, and looks very professional.

Here is the slide show banner that was created in the tutorial.


Transparent Background Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make the background transparent on a shaped banner. Transparency can only be done with gifs or pngs. Basically, you select a color to be transparent for the background and then set the transparent color on the save tab to be that color.

This is the transparent shape from the tutorial.