Sample Web Buttons

Banner Maker Pro can easily create buttons with a wide variety of styles and sizes. For example, you can:

  • Use any color background, gradient, or image on your background.

  • Use any font on your computer.

  • Add any image or logo to the button.

  • The buttons can be any size.

  • Banner Maker Pro can also create the JavaScript to make the buttons change when the mouse rolls over the buttons. To make mouse-overs, create two images and then use the Create Mouse-Over function to create the html and javascript to create the effect.

Here are examples of web buttons made with Banner Maker Pro. Several have mouse-over actions when the mouse rolls over the image. In addition, the buttons above were made with Banner Maker Pro, of course!

sample note tab button style

Here are notetab backgrounds that can be used to create notetab-style buttons.

sample button with glow shadow

This is a sample glass button with a glow shadow.

sample vista style button

This is a sample vista button using black text with an orange border.

This button uses a tab shape for the background. Note that tabs can be on any side and can also have just one rounded corner instead of two.

sample shape banner with transparency

This is a sample 40% transparent banner. It is saved in the .png format.

This is a sample green pill that uses a transparent background.

This button has a mouse-over effect that shows arrows when the mouse is over the image.

This is a custom sized button which is 120 x 40.

This button uses one of the sample backgrounds.

This is a sample of a 32-point star shape button.

 sample blog button

This is a sample blog button. The size is 80 x 15.

This button reverses the bevel around the edges on the mouse-over.

This button uses a wide pink outline border to highlight the letters.

This button was created with one of the many backgrounds that comes with Banner Maker Pro.  It's a standard 88 X 31 size.

This is a sample button with the buttonwood background.

This is a sample button with the stone background.


This is a push-down button. It's made with a shape, a shadow, and a background color. On the mouse-over, remove the shadow, and move the shape down.

This is similar to the button on the left, but it also includes an on-click event.

This button has a mouse-over effect that uses an animated image. To make this, create an image, save it, then go to one-step animation - save the animated image and then use the mouse over code to put the image together.

This button uses a rounded rectangle shape, shadow and a one color diagonal gradient. It is saved as a gif.


This is an example of the different shapes and shadows available. In addition, it also uses angled text. This sample button uses the png format.

sample sticky note button


Here's an example of a the yellow note background with a script font.