Banner Resources

There are many resources on the web to help you make great looking graphics. Here are a list of sites ordered by category that can be used to enhance your work.

Banner Information and Tips - An excellent collection of links and articles concerning banner ads. - The Internet Advertising Bureau.  Contains standards and guidelines for banner advertising.

Image Hosting - Allows hosting of image files. Files can be uploaded directly from Banner Maker Pro by clicking on the "Upload to ImageShack" button. - Allows hosting of image files. Also allows hosting banner ads.

GIF Crunchers and Reducers - This free online gif shrinker will shrink both animated and static gifs. The dithering options can also be set to improve the output. - This is a free jpeg compressor that will shrink jpg files and photos.

Clipart - The web's largest subscription-based collection of clipart, photos, fonts, animations and sounds. - A large selection of public domain clipart. - royalty free and public domain clipart. - Royalty free stock photos. All pictures are free for commercial and personal use.

Stock Photos - A collection of royalty-free photos. - Professional stock photography. - Professional stock photography.

Fonts - Another excellent collection of fonts. - A nice collection of fonts and dingbats for PC And Mac. - An excellent collection of fonts for sale with an easy to use search tool.