Facebook Banners

Using the Banner Maker Pro you can easily create facebook banners and graphics for your facebook profile page and your other facebook pages.

  • A facebook banner is a banner that is "cut" into 5 images and placed on your profile. The images will appear together in order and can spell out anything you want.

  • Any image or logo can be added.

  • Hundreds of backgrounds and images are available.

  • Any font can be used.

  • Banners can also be made for the large image that makes the facebook timeline. (It's called a facebook cover)

  • Banners can be uploaded directly to facebook from Banner Maker Pro.

Facebook Banners

This is a sample facebook banner. Banner Maker Pro automatically "cuts" and uploads a banner so that it shows as the top five images on your facebook profile.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Facebook Banners

Can I use animation?

No, facebook does not allow animation. You can use gifs, but not animation.

What sizes are the facebook banners?

A facebook banner is 485 x 68 pixels.

A facebook cover (for facebook timeline) is 850 x 315 pixels.

What is the preferred image format to use for facebook?

PNG files are better than JPEGS for images with text.

I have a facebook page for my business, but the facebook banner gets jumbled. Is there a way to fix this?

Unfortunately, no. Facebook jumbles the images for pages. For profiles, the images are not jumbled, so the images appear in order.

Can the images be added manually?

Yes. Load the last image first, then the next to last, and follow through to the first (left most) image. The individual images would be 97 x 68 pixels.